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Mind & Body
Jack Hunt School…read more

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· This is the term used for describing different body
types or an individual's physical build.
There are three extreme body types:
· Mesomorph
· Ectomorph
· Endomorph…read more

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Individuals with this physic
are suited to:
· Sprinting
· Weight lifting
· Boxing…read more

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This physic is useful in sports where being
light is an advantage such as:
· Long distance running
· High jump
They will also benefit from being tall as
longer legs means more power.…read more

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This physic is suited to sports where power or
added weight is an advantage. They can use
their weight to add to their momentum or to
overpower opponents in sports like:
· Shot putt
· Sumo wrestling
· Rugby - props…read more

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Weight lifter
Rugby player Gymnasts
Footballer Sprinters
Distance Runner
Sumo Wrestler
4,4,4 High Jumper
7­1-1 1­1-7…read more

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