Diploma in sports anatomy and physiology lesson notes

Diploma in sports anatomy and physiology lesson notes

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Monday 20th September 2010
Anatomy and physiology
Lesson One
What do you know about the human body already?
Functions of the skeleton
Blood production
Ligaments bone to bone
Tendon bone to muscle
206 bones but over 300 when you were born due to ossification
3 types of blood vessels ­ vein takes blood to the heart, Artery takes blood away from the
heart and capillary for gaseous exchange
White blood cells fight infection
Red blood cells carry haemoglobin which allows oxygen to attach itself to
Platelets forms a scab to stop bleeding a scab also includes dead white blood cells
Plasma carries carbon dioxide, hormones and waste it's also a liquid
Respiratory system
Mouth/nose ­ pharynx ­ Larynx ­ epiglottis ­ trachea ­ bronchi ­ bronchioles ­ alveoli gaseous

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The Bones in the human body…read more

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Axial skeleton ­ cranium, ribs, sternum, vertebrae column. The axial skeleton consists of 80 bones.
Appendicular Limbs, shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle. Consists of 126 bones.
Compact hard outer shell of a bone
Spongy (Cancellous) the soft inner shell where bones can store minerals. This gives lightness.…read more


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