anatomy and physiology lesson notes

anatomy and physiology lesson notes

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Monday 4th October 2010
Anatomy and physiology
Lesson three
The vertebrae
The vertebrae column has three functions. These are:
1. Movement
2. Protection
3. Support
The vertebrae column is also made up of five different
sections and 33 disks. The sections of the vertebrae
column are:
7 vertebrae
Supports the weight of the head
The top two vertebrae (axis and atlas) allow
movement of the head
12 vertebrae
The ribs attach to these
Forms part of the ribs
Help protect the heart and lungs
5 vertebrae
Largest vertebrae
Support a lot of body weight
Provide a place for muscles to attach to
Allows the body to move forwards
5 vertebrae
Fused to the pelvis
Supports the weight of the body
4 vertebrae
No specific use- use to be a tail

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