diploma in sports- sports development

diploma in sports- sports development

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Student's name Hayley Bull
Unit No/Name Assignment 1
Title Sports development
Tutor Date set
Verifier Date /time
Student's comments
Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.
Signed: H. Bull Date:
Tutor's general comments and assignment feedback
Criteria Met Criteria Met Criteria Met

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To gain a pass, all pass criteria must be achieved; to gain a merit, all pass and merit criteria must be
achieved and to gain a distinction, all pass, merit and distinction criteria must be achieved.
Assessor's Declaration
I certify that to the best of my knowledge the work
submitted by the learner named above is original and
has been completed independently.…read more

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Sports Development Assignment
Hayley L Bull
In sports there are three sectors (voluntary, public and private) in which sports are provided
to the public. Each of these sectors is funded in similar ways.
1A (P1)
Voluntary sectors
Voluntary sectors are funded by National lottery grants or sports england, grants from
governing bodies of that particular sport for example- swimming the governing body is the
Amateur Swimming Association. Event funding events such as social evenings and fetes and
members who pay an annual subscription.…read more

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Private sectors
Private sectors are only open to people who can afford it and they have a membership.
Private sectors are funded by loans from banks, investment from the owner's income, and
sale of shares from the company, sponsorships and memberships. Examples of this sector
include Fitness First and David Lloyd. The facilities available from this sector are limited.…read more

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Uk sport
Sports england
Council (local authorities)
Schools, colleges and universities
Sports academies are put into place to identify an elite athlete's performance. Sports
academies are often sport specific and provide services for people of all ages.
2B (M1, D1)
There are three different types of national sports provisions that provide sports on a
national scale. The English institute of sports works with all governing bodies these include
Amateur Swimming Association and helps enhance elite performer's performances.…read more


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