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BTEC Diploma in Sport
Student's name Hayley L Bull
Unit No/Name 11: Development of Personal Assignment no. ONE
Title Describe personal
exercise adherence factors
and strategies and plan,
design a six week personal
training programme.
Tutor Kelly Grimes Date set W/C 15/11/10
Verifier Date /time W/C 29/11/10
Student's comments
Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.
Signed: [email protected]…read more

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Criteria Met Criteria Met Criteria Met
P1 M1 D1
P2 M2
To gain a pass, all pass criteria must be achieved to gain a merit, all pass and merit criteria must be achieved
and to gain a distinction, all pass, merit and distinction criteria must be achieved.
Assessor's Declaration
I certify that to the best of my knowledge the work
submitted by the learner named above is original and
has been completed independently.…read more

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You are working as a trainee fitness advisor at a local gymnasium. As well as assessing an athlete's performance, you are required to have a good knowledge of
health, fitness and lifestyle to offer advice to your athlete.
Task 1 P1, M1
Plan, design and agree a six week personal fitness training programme with your tutor.…read more

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You will need to include the following in your assignment:
Front cover sheet with Unit Title, Your name and signature
Contents page
Introduction (purpose/aim) clear subheadings,
Conclusion (summary),
Bibliography/Reference list
Your name, page numbers in the footer.…read more

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Principles of training and your training programme.
Describe how your training programme will include the following principle of training.
Frequency (How often) Frequency should be once every two
days as it takes the body twenty four
hours to recover from training at any
intensity. This can also prevent over
training injuries such as shin splints. I will
aim to train at least four times a week.…read more

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I do some continuous training I will
increase the intensity but make the time
I do the exercise for will be a bit shorter.
Type (what type of training) To increase the intensity and to include
overload I will use different training
methods that will target different
Continuous/ stamina training-
continuous training is exercising
aerobically without any rest periods.
Continuous training works the body at
about 60-80% of the maximum heart
rate.…read more

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Specificity (what specifically are you To include specific muscle groups I will
training) be training the same muscle in the same
session and then I will change what
muscles I training a different session.
Progression (How will your Progression should be applied if the
programme progress) work load has become too easy and no
improvements are being made. This may
happen as the body will adapt to the
work that is being set.…read more

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Individual differences (how will your The programme will meet my needs so
programme meet your individual that I achieve the targets and the work
needs or requirements) load is not at a higher or too low
What are the three SMART goals that you have based your training programme on?
1. To improve my Cardiovascular Fitness
2. To improve sports performance
3.…read more

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Exercise Adherence Factors
Describe why this is a factor to Describe how these factors will or
exercise adherence. will not be an issue for your
training programme.
Overcoming Some people may not have access to Facilities will not be an issue as there
Barriers: some sports facilities such as a gym or to are many local sports centres and
Facilities a leisure centre. Some people also may college has a gym.
not have access to all of the sector
facilities.…read more


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