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Ankle Sprain
Bobby Hill and Hayley Bull…read more

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Key terms Glossary
Sign- What you can see?
Symptom- what they tell us and what we can see?
Sprain- Sprains happen at joints where ligaments have been
The Three P's of First aid
Preserve the injury
Prevent further injury
Promote recovery and casualties well-being…read more

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Common causes
Walking on rough surfaces e.g. uneven grass
Slipping off the edge of a kerb
Tripping over an object…read more

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Associated sports
Basket Ball
Roller skating…read more

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Treatment for a soft tissue injury
Rest- rest the injury to prevent any further injury
Ice- put an ice pack or a bag of frozen food on the injury to
reduce swelling and preserve it from any other injury
Compression- - putting pressure on the injury may reduce any
swilling or bruising
Elevation- lifting the injury above the heart to keep blood in
the chest or away from injury can reduce swelling and
bruising…read more

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Treatment in a sports/ Leisure centre
· Make casualty comfortable
· Support the limb to allow it to rest
· If the injury is recent, apply an ice pack
· Protect injured area with plenty of padding
secured with bandages
· Elevate the Limb
· Transfer the casualty to hospital.
Copied from The Lifeguard Edition 7 Manual…read more

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