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Customer Service
Tiffany George - Fontaine
Part of the BUSS2 topic Operations Management

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Who is the customer?
The customer is anyone who purchases a product or service from a business, there are two types.

What are the 2 types of customers?
Internal customers members of staff or outside suppliers that contribute towards the service
provided to external customers.


External customers anyone who…

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What is good customer service?
Good or effective customer service meets or surpasses the expectations of the customer.

How is customer service delivered?
Written communication

What does a business do to meet customer needs?
Market research

How does quality meet customer needs?
Quality meets…

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Easy possible knowledge exam question
Define the term customer service? (2)

3 types of possible analysis questions
Analyses three benefits to a business of good customer service (8)
Discuss why it is often claimed that small businesses provide the highest standard of customer
service (8)
Explain the relationship between product…


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