Customer Service

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Key Terms

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE- identifying and satisfying the needs of the customer and delivering a service that meets or exceeds customer expectations. 
  • CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS- what people think should happen and how they think they shold be treated by customer service.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- when a customer is happy with the service level of a business because their needs have been met or exceeded.
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What do customers want?

Customer expectations will vary between individuals and also depend upon:

  • Past experiences of customer service
  • the amount of money involved
  • the reputation of the business
  • the nature of the product, service or market
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methods of meeting customer expectations

1. Market Research 

the better a business is able to understand the needs and expectations of their customer base the more likely it is to deliver high quality customer service that meets or exceeds these expectations and ensures customer satisfaction.

Techniques might include:

  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • customer complaint cards
  • focus groups
  • customer interviews
  • secondary research 
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methods of meeting customer expectations

2. Training 

It is important that all employees are properly trained to deal with customers. This requires employees to hold the correct skills and knowledge relating to their role in the business. 

3. Quality Assurance and Control 

this requires a business to have systems and checks in place in an effort to maintain consistency in the levels of customer service delivered. 

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methods of meeting customer expectations

4. Quality Standards

the establishment of quality standards such as ISO 9001 means that the customer will know what to expect from the customer service of a business.

The standards will need to be carefully monitored to ensure that they are being met and they also require external auditing by independent body to confirm compliance. 

Monitoring and improving customer service

It is vital that the standards of customer service are carefully and continuosly monitored to ensure consistency and to make any amendments as the needs and expectations of the customer change over time. 

Methods of monitoring customer service include:

Mystery shoppers, Customer Satisfaction surveys, Focus groups, Feedback logs

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methods of meeting customer expectations

once monitored, it is then crucial that a business responds to their own findings about how levels of customer service couldd be improved.

Methods of improvement might include:

  • Additional staff training
  • Investment in new facilities 
  • Improving employee motivation
  • Acheiving quality standard accreditation
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benefits of high levels of customer service

Increased Sales Volume

  • exceptional customer service levels will generate high levels of demand


  • a good reputation for quality service will create a loyal customer base and increase repeat sales

Unique Selling Point

  • Good customer service offers you opportunities to emphasise uniqueness in the market.

Impact on Selling Price

  • The creation of a USP allows for the charging of a higher price and this generates more profits.
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