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Report title: Assess the influence of fragility and resilience on the variety of impacts from leisure and tourism
on contrasting rural landscapes.

Introduction: general increase in L&T

· Define: fragility, resilience, leisure and tourism
· Changes in L&T, impacts are changing and why
· Carrying Capacity, Resilience model…

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Research and Methodology
Throughout this report a range of source have been used to collect information and data including the key
A-Level textbooks (Dunn et al 2009, Byrne et al 2009 and Digby 2009). These textbooks were written for
students and provided relevant and focussed case studies as well as…

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To ensure, the continued success of the Resort, Kula Eco Park was created, funded by UK and Fijian
governments, educating children why their ecosystems are worth protecting alongside research into the
maintenance of the remaining forest and indigenous species. (Byrne et al, 2009).
Hideaway Resort demonstrates that it is possible…

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and low resilience is increasingly being exposed to negative impacts from tourism and flows of globalisation.
Where does the Pleasure Periphery go when even the most remote, isolated wilderness region has become


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