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How to write a perfect 40 mark essay for the Geog 3 Exam

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How to achieve success in the 40 mark essay questions in GEOG3

The examination paper Geog3 requires you to write one long essay that carries 40 marks. You are advised to
spend 60 minutes on the writing of this essay. However, this does not mean that you should write

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within the time frame. Write to a structure this means providing an introduction, separate paragraphs each
developing a theme, idea or case study, and a conclusion that responds to the demands of the title. Writing
too much can undermine the quality of the overall response as the thread of the…

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The essay mark scheme the design
The essay mark scheme operates as follows. Your essay is read from start to finish, and then the
examiner will make a judgement on the essay according to the 5 criteria (shown in Table 2), and award a level
(from Level 1 to Level…

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Table 2. The essay mark scheme

Assessment Level Level2 Level3 Level4
criteria 110 1120 2130 3140
(midpoint 6) (midpoint 16) (midpoint 26) (midpoint 36)
Knowledge of Basic grasp of The answer is Sound and frequent Strong evidence of
content, ideas concepts and relevant and evidence of thorough, thorough, detailed…

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Quality of Language is Arguments are not Explanations, Explanations,
argument the basic fully developed nor arguments and arguments and
degree to which arguments are expressed clearly, assessments or assessments or
an argument is partial, over and the organisation evaluations are evaluations are direct,
constructed, simplified and of ideas is simple…

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The Introduction
All essays should begin with a sound introduction. This should not be too long a few sentences should
suffice. It may define the terms in the question, set the scene for what is to follow, or provide a brief statement
of the discussion or viewpoint you are going…

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Critical understanding of the above.
This takes the level of knowledge into a higher intellectual skill where the student demonstrates how
the knowledge base given links to the question set, and whether or not it helps in addressing the question.
Examiners are looking for some degree of commentary from you…

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The argument of no security without development can also be observed in Afghanistan as the Taliban
brought a regime of inequality to the country by stopping females from being entitled to an education and
health care and this brought strong opposition by both women and men. This crippled the country's…

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Note that in this section of the mark scheme there is reference to maps and diagrams. There is no
requirement to draw either a map or diagram but some students prefer to use these techniques to
put across their ideas. The great majority of students do not use a diagram.…


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A good resource for those longer essay questions. A collation of tips, information, examples using exemplar material from exam boards. A really good read through for students wanting to get to grips with and refine their essay technique.

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