An introduction to OCR A2 Geography

An introduction to OCR A2 greography covering question types and the exam

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A2 Geography
F763 ­ 120UMS ­ Global Issues
Physical Human
Earth Hazards 2questions Population and resources 2
Climatic hazards 2 questions
1 question
1 question
Exam: 2h 30
Parts: 2
Part A: 3 short answer questions (one on each topic) (1h)
Part B: 2 essays (1 human (0h 45) 1 physical (0h 45))
F764 ­ 80UMS ­ Geographical skills
10 mark questions
e.g. Outline a geographical issue indicated and suggest appropriate strategies for management (10)
`A Geographical issue identified is...'
No need to explain why it has become an issue
Use the resource as evidence
In the short term management strategies are...
However, long term strategies are...
30 mark essay
Mark breakdown
4 marks for communication e.g. plan, diagram, intro/body/conclusion, table
17 marks for understanding
9 marks for knowledge

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1. Intro
a. Define terms
b. Scale how important is it (globally x million lives lost etc.)
c. Theme (this essay will seek to show it is a combination of X and Y factors that
contribute to Z)
2. Synoptic paragraph
a. Physical background
b. Causes
3. Physical factor
4. Human factor
5. Physical factor
6. Human factor
7. Conclusion (this essay sought to show)
Core essay paragraphs
Urban vs. rural
Upland vs. lowland
Predictable vs. unpredicatable
Building reqs vs.…read more


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