To what extent has the extension of the pleaure periphery led to an increase in tourism pressure?

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A2 Geography ­ 21st February 2014
Geographical Research ­ CRL: L&T
To what extent has the extension of the pleasure periphery led to an increase in tourism pressure?
Define key terms: Leisure, Tourism and Pleasure Periphery
L&T activities have moved from the rural urban fringe to extreme wilderness areas such as Antarctica
This creates threats from L&T activities, increasing complex conflicts
Case studies will illustrate how the expansion of Pleasure Periphery and more diverse use of the
rural landscape for L&T, on most occasions, will lead to an increase of tourist pressure on that area
However L&T does not always inevitable lead to increased tourist pressure. Increased tourism can
bring productive and positive outcomes
The report will conclude by looking at whether the Pleasure Periphery can continue to expand in the
future and the issues that could arise if tourist pressure grows
Key Models
The diagram illustrates the Pleasure Periphery which shows how L&T has expanded over time
and space.
Heavy growth in L&T over the past 100 years due to social and technological advancements
Social advancements include higher disposable due to tertiarisation of society, meaning that
people can now afford expensive holidays abroad
Technological advancements include the development of transport (A380 & Pendolino train)
which can reach top speeds

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A2 Geography ­ 21st February 2014
Case Studies
Great British holiday - Lake District National Park and North York Moors
Mediterranean ­ Benidorm (debate associated)
Long haul paradise ­ Hawaii
Remotest places ­ Machu Picchu and Antarctica
Future ­ too much pressure, issues with global food security
It can be agreed that as the Pleasure Periphery has expanded that it has lead to an increase in tourist
LDNP, Hawaii, Machu Picchu and Antarctica shows the extent of damage that can/ has been caused…read more


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