Malthus VS Boserup

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  • Malthus and Boserup had different opinions regarding population sustainability, to what extent do you argue with each opinion and why?
    • Malthus
      • Thomas Robert Malthus
      • Economist
      • 18th Century
      • 'An Essay on the Principle of Population'
        • 1798
        • Showed his theory of population growth
      • If the pop. grows = not enough food
        • Causes famines
      • The human pop at risk of outgrowing its carrying capacity
        • Number of individuals that can be supported by a specific habitat
      • stated two types of checks
        • 1.negative= decrease in birth rate
        • 2. positive increased in death rate
      • assumption that the pop. would grow exponentially (1,2,4,8) whereas food production  would grow linearly (1,2,3,4)
    • Against Malthus
      • Industrial Revolution hadn't arrived yet e.g. pesticides and fertilisers
      • 250 years since it was published
        • 7 billion people in 2011
        • Didn't experience advances in technology and agriculture
      • Didn't account for the advances
        • But Boserup did
      • Number of famine deaths was decreased
    • For Malthus
      • theory on the population growth was correct
      • population continues to rise rapidly
      • Farming practices are heavily dependent on unsustainable substances e.g. oil
      • Millions survive on basic diets
        • Malnourished
    • Boserup
      • 1965
      • 'The conditions of agriculture growth: Economics of agrarian change under population pressure
      • suggested that food production can increase to match the needs of the pop.
      • Argued starvation =motivation for people to improve their farming methods
        • = new technologies invented
      • Agricultural intensification
        • increase production at the cost of more work at longer efficiently
    • For Boserup
      • Included industralisation
        • Farming, green revolution, GM crops, land reform
      • Problems of having finite land (running out)  and food shortages have been over come by technology


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