Hazards and Coasts - 12 marker synoptic link


Note - Synoptic Links Essay. 12 marker. Paper 3: Geographical Debates.

Hazards and 'landscape systems' = Coasts.

Q: Assess the extent to which volcanic activity can influence landforms developed within any one landscape system that you have studied [12 marks] 


Volcanic activity can influence landforms through input of sediment into a system. For example, an explosive volcanic eruption could produce a pyroclastic flow which may enter coastal systems. The sudden input of a large amount of sediment may create a new landform such as a delta, this can be seen in the Soufriere Hills, Montserrat 1996 in which a pyroclastic flow entered the sea from the Tar river valley, to form a shallow shelf for sediment to accumulate, creating a low energy coastal system.  

A tombolo is another example of a landform that could be created due to a pyroclastic flow. An example of this is in Italy where the islands of Vulcano


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