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Russian History
Mr Jenkins…read more

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How was Russia ruled in the late 14
· The Tsar was....
-the "little father"
-had the secret police
-Cossacks and Okrana
-the public had no say
-was the head of the church
-his ministers chosen by him…read more

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Russian population
· 1% noblemen
-owned land
· 3% middle class
-teachers, doctors, lawyers
· 28million/159million Urban workers
-ex-peasants that had moved to towns and cities
· 80% Peasants
-suffered the most from poverty…read more

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Alexander the II
· Assassinated in 1881
-the "peoples will"
-refused to compromise autocracy
· Used Serfs (slave peasants)
· Raised people's hope for change…read more

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Alexander the III
· Never received a full Tsar's education
-his brother had been the heir, but died
· Enthusiastic
· Lacked elegance and grace
· Enjoyed being an Intellectual
· Grew a beard to rebel western fashion…read more

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The Reaction- to Alex iii's dad's death
· Alex II's ministers were sacked
· Set up to destroy the "People's Will"
· Alex brought in his tutor
-Konstantin POBE-DON-OST-SEV
- he was made head of the church
· Alex released a manifesto
-established him as the absolute leader
· Statute of State security
-government control of courts
-They got to chose juries
· Restricted freedom of press
-14 newspapers shut down for liberalness
-books censored
· Increased University fees
· Land captains
· Teachers and Doctors couldn't Vote
· Russification
-Russian became the official language
-non-Russians were attacked-Arranged by the government
-targeted Jews…read more

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