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Russification:Alexander III

What is Russification?

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Russification: form of cultural assimilation where non-Russian communities were pressured
into adopting and prioritising the Russian language and culture over their own.
Uvarov first formulated this ideology in 1770 with three key areas defined as: autocracy,
orthodoxy and `Russianness'.
Previous understanding of Russification: all subjects regardless of their nationality are…

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Jews were restricted to small settlements inhabited by merchants, called the Pale, which
segregated Jews unless they converted to the Orthadox church. Consequently only a minority
were able to study at university.
Alexander III wrote "let us not forget that it was the Jews who crucified Jesus", in response to…

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In 1889, the minimal powers that the zemstva had were removed; local justices of the peace
were also removed and replaced by a system of land captains. In this way, the government
further extended its power at a local level. Only the Minister of the Interior could remove the


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