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Revision notes- parliament

A legislature is the body that makes laws, this is parliament in the UK and is split into 3; The house of
lords, the house of commons and the monarchy. The queens powers are ability symbolic such as
giving bill royal assent and appointing the government. Parliaments…

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It has been said that the house of lords is unrepresentative due to all hereditary peers having similar
backgrounds and having similar ages yet the life peerages act has diversified the chamber. Other key
reforms are

1911 parliament act- Replaced the lords right of veto with a right to delay…

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influence members to not scrutinize as much as they would want to as to keep the party
Legitimisation- Stand for people, the respect of MPs has been undermined by scandals
Political recruitment- Future executive members are taken from parliament however many of
these are ones who have been good…

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the IMF on monetary issues
The activities of pressure groups
The media
The electorate which has the ultimate sovereignty
Devolved powers

Parliamentary government is the system we have in this country where the executive govern in and
through the legislature. Over time they have become more merged so the legislature…

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oppositions criticism in the media and on opposition days also holds ministers to account (The
opposition are the main HOC opposition and key members get official government salaries)

The departmental select committees made up of between 11 and 16 members with expertise on
the topic is where the most effective…


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