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AS Government and Politics GOVP2 Revision Guide (AQA)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a codified constitution?

Advantages of a codified constitution Disadvantages of a codified constitution
Entrenchin Entrenches human rights. Entrenchment means rights are hard to
g human An amendment to the US change.
rights constitution needs a…

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Do the sources of the UK constitution give it both stability and flexibility?

The sources of the UK constitution give it both The sources of the UK constitution don't give it
stability and flexibility both stability and flexibility

Does the UK constitution effectively protect the rights of citizens?

The UK…

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Is the British Constitution becoming increasingly codified?

The British Constitution is becoming The British Constitution is still uncodified
increasingly codified

Is the British Constitution in need of further reform?

The British Constitution is in need of further reform The British Constitution is not in
need of further reform
Human Entrenchment…

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There should be a British Bill of Rights There shouldn't be a British Bill Of Rights
Entrenchin A British Bill of Rights would entrench Entrenchment means rights are hard
g human human rights. to change.
rights An amendment to the US constitution In the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting,
needs a…

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The SNP wants more power for the
Scottish Parliament, which could
reduce Parliamentary sovereignty

How independent are judges?

Judges are independent Judges aren't independent

How far have recent constitutional developments increased independence of judges?

Judges are more independent Judges are not more independent

How far has the creation of…

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Suprem Judges no longer sit in the House of Judges can still be pressured from other
e Court Lords. sources.
They are now less likely to be pressured Theresa May criticised judges for
by Lords, therefore they can be more ignoring deportation laws.

How effective is Parliament overall?


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What is the most important function of Parliament?

Function Important Less important


Does party control limit the effectiveness of Parliament in performing its main functions?

Party control limits the effectiveness of Party control doesn't limit the effectiveness of
Parliament Parliament

How effective is Parliament at legislation?…

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Ideological convergence means Labour and the Conservatives differ on
parties have similar policies. the economy and the EU.
Margaret Thatcher attracted C2 It is now easier for small parties to have
by the "right to buy". their voices heard.
Tony Blair attracted ABC1 by his The SNP went from 6…

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minorities in politics, leading In 2010, 51.8% of 1824s voted, perhaps
to reduced turnout. because the Lib Dems being believed to be
In 2005, only 38.2% of 1824s the best people to freeze tuition fees and
voted, perhaps due to lack of represent the views of young people.
trust in…

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What is the most effective way for Parliament to scrutinise the executive?

Method Effective Less effective
Back Backbenchers can rebel against their Whips control backbenchers,
benchers party, such as Gordon Brown being meaning they are less likely to
and rebelled against on his first vote. rebel, such as in the…


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