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Politics revision notes- the constitution

What is a constitution- A set of rules that defines the way a state is organised, sets out the ways
power is distributed and establishes the duties powers and functions of different parts of
government. It is basically the rules that govern government. They are…

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Where is the UK constitution found?

Source Definition Examples Written/unwritte Legally binding
Statute law Laws passed through Parliament acts of Written Yes
parliament which overalls 1911 and 1949
that which has come 1998 Scotland act
before establishing the
Scottish parliament

Common law Precedents added to Royal prerogative and Written…

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Strength Details Affect on government power
Flexibility It is easy to change meaning it is It increases the power because
important when it comes to statute there are fewer checks and
laws as the constitution can be quickly balances that would make it
updated and therefore doesn't hard to…

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Comparing the US constitution with the UK constitution

The US constitution was the world's first written constitution in 1787, it sets out the powers of the 3
strands of government (congress, the presidency and the supreme court). It has a bill of rights
introduced in 1789 and forms the first…

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A genuine wish to have a constitution that can be understood by all

The Changes made by Blair


spent from 79 to 97 in opposition and so wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again by
limiting conservative power
Thought they may need to form a coalition with the…

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independent body (The JAC (Judicial appointment committee) ), security of tenure (they can't be
sacked meaning it can't effect decision making), their pay is separate from the review of parliament,
they are free from criticism, they are regulated by the law society and the lord chancellor's power
had been reduced.…

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Speedy and cheap Does not stop detainment without trail
allows incompatibility makes it harder to fight claim


Old Sir


This very detailed survey of constitutional issues will be useful to students revising the synoptic elements of A2. Particularly useful for comparing the British and US versions in the context of the nature of democracy in liberal western societies. Students should follow up by considering the nature of democracy within the framework of the EU.

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