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Multilevel government

Multilevel government the relationship between elected local, national, devolved and EU

Local government is the government provided traditionally by elected authorities e.g. councils. They
provide all the services at a local level with the empathises on the process of government and not
the actual government. Local government…

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The issue of funding is controversial as it is a visible and expensive bill and often people are unhappy
with how it is spent. Until 1990 council tax was paid on the basis of a property rate with bigger
houses paying more. In 1990 the poll tax was introduced where…

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council houses sold and central government
education management
Provides a range of services that are important Changes to financial arrangements meaning a fall
to local people in autonomy. Fall in funding and cuts
Can bypass central government and interact with Changes in Framework have led to less
the EU directly…

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1974 referendum. In 1986 the single European act is signed leading to the 1993 single market being
set up allowing the free movement of goods, people and services. All of this was to make encourage
more economic cooperation. 1992 the Masstricht treaty created the E.U leading to justice, home

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3. The role of national parliaments could be enshrined in Europe to provide scrutiny

Does the EU undermine UK democracy

Yes No
More policies are being made at EU EU parliament becoming more powerful
level EU decisions are taken by people in the
The focus should be economic not COM…

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What next for the EU?

There is disagreement on where the EU will go next, It is unlikely to become a superstate but
variable geometry may be a solution. this is where integration accommodates different types of


Old Sir


A wide-ranging and useful survey that provides an overview of degrees on influence exerted by the various strata of government in the UK from local to supra-national. Students might wish to further develop lines of discussion by further reading about comparable and contrasting systems within the EU and the USA in terms of the nature of democracy and participation.

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