Compare These Sources as Evidence of the Popularity of the Nazi Youth Movements During the 1930s (30)

Not my best answer. Feedback: Comparitive. Finds similarities and differences. Some use of provenance, but limited own knowledge.

Target: Must use own knowledge to judge typicality.

Target 2: Try to find strengths and limitations for each source.

AO1a+b 10 + AO2a 12 = 22/30

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Compare these sources as evidence of the popularity of the Nazi Youth movements during the 1930s
The Nazi Youth movement during the 1930s was a big part of the Nazi regime and Hitler's plans. To
make it popular amongst youth they advertised the activities it offered like camping. This is a point
both Source A and C pick up on "trips and sport!" and "drills, uniform, camping, all that is marvellous"
this shows the Nazis marketed Hitler Youth well and attracted youth through the activities.
Although Source A goes on to talk about the promises and goals of being in Hitler Youth "youth from
the small farms and factory workers join in transforming society" whereas Source C talks about how it
went on to be a negative experience and how "people should not have a will of their own" and how
Hitler was interfering everywhere with peoples private life's. From these contrasting views there is a
feeling that there was a clear way to conduct yourselves in Nazi Youth and they made sure people
wouldn't deviate even if Nazi Youth wasn't popular which is what it became because it interfered
with peoples life's but they felt powerless to act upon it.
Another point conveyed by Source C is the longer you were in Hitler Youth, the more you were
against it whereas Source A doesn't touch on this which may be due to it coming at an earlier date in
the youth movement compared to Source C which is looking back in hindsight. In addition both talk
about how the methods of Hitler Youth indoctrinates them with Nazi views and goals. From Source A
you can deduce the information was sourced through spies as SOPADE (Socialist Party in Exile)
weren't allowed in Germany so Nazi Youth cannot have been that popular if people were willing to
spy for Socialists; a political branch the Nazis thought would dry up with the introduction of Hitler
In conclusion Source A gives a more detailed view into Nazi Youth saying it was popular amongst
youth but forced upon adults in order to eradicate Marxism and interaction with Jews but some bias
may influence this source as its Socialist. Source C in comparison is much more about how it became
unpopular more quickly and lost touch with the Youth. Both overall are similar in saying Hitler Youth
became unpopular with the wider community.


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