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Nazi Organisations and the co-ordination of German society

Youth Organisations

The Hitler Youth


The Hitler Youth was created in 1926 but was relatively unsuccessful in its early years. When the Nazis came to
power in 1933, all other youth organisations were banned or taken over by the Hitler youth,…

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Age Division
10-14 Jung Madel (Young girls)
14-18 Bund Deuthscher madel ( League of German girls)
18-21 Glaube und Schonheit (Faith and Beauty)

Aims of the League of German Girls

To raise loyal Nazis
Raise healthy women ready for childbearing
Raise women who knew that their place was in the…

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heads...we were told t prepare for motherhood, as the mother of out beloved leader and the national socialist
government was the most important person in the nation. We were Germanys hope and future."

A.Klonne, Youth in the third Reich, 1982

" What I liked about the Hitler youth was the…

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The success of Nazi Policy on the young

Overall, I believe that Nazi policy was partly successful because it did help to co-ordinate a large part of society
but it failed to ignite the passion of all children towards Nazi ideology. It was successful because it created a
generation of…


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