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Youth and Education
Physical strength for girls to be strong enough to bear lots of children and for
boys to be strong enough to fight in wars and for manual labour.
Obedient, unquestioning generationa future generation that would be loyal to
Nazi ideals
"The 1000 Year Reich" ­Hitler…

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ScienceFocused on biology, genetics and racial theory. Jews were portrayed as
subhuman, the Aryans the "master race". Lessons on how to be healthy. Darwin's theories
"survival of the fittest". Nazis thought they were speeding this up.
RE, Foreign languages, Philosophy and Politicsbanned
From 1935, all textbooks had to be approved…

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Conscription and labour service removed potential leaders, and, once the HJ became
compulsory, it lost its appeal to youngsters wanting to rebel against authority. Many found
the strict regimentation and the emphasis on military drill tiresome. When the historian
Detlev Peukert has called the HJ's "almost obsessive fixation on the…

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"Nazi educational efforts as a whole turned out to be poorly thought out and lacking in
substance. At best, the Nazis put a thin ideological veneer on German education. It is not
surprising that twelve years were not enough to break down "two thousand years of European
and cultural heritage".…


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