Youth And Education

The basic knowledge on life as a Nazi kid, for Edexcel AS History Modern Nazi Germany module

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Youth and Education
Physical strength for girls to be strong enough to bear lots of children and for
boys to be strong enough to fight in wars and for manual labour.
Obedient, unquestioning generationa future generation that would be loyal to
Nazi ideals
"The 1000 Year Reich" ­Hitler wanted his generation/legacy to last for 1000 years
Racially pure community/Volksgermeinschaft
To promote a world view in line with Nazi ideals
To incite racial dislike of Jews through racial theory
Discourage intellectual development
Bernhaud Rust, the Nazi education minister stated in "Education and
Instruction" (official manual for teachers):
"The chief purpose of the school is to train human beings to realize that the state is more
important than the individual, that individuals must be willing and ready to sacrifice themselves
for nation and Führer"
Why were the youth so important in Nazi policy?
Youth is a formative stage future beliefs, lifestyles etc. are all formed in
"Whoever has youth has the future" (Hitler)
The young were slightly feared because of their rebellious
tendenciesNazis felt that if they could channel these aggressive tendencies to their
benefit, it would not only boost popularity for the party but would keep the young under
1. Nazi Youth Organisations
"Hitler Youth" (HJ) overall term that is only used in terms of BOYS. Formed in 1925
and so was formed before Hitler came into power. Initially it had an image of
encouraging poor social behaviour.
In 1933 "Hitler Youth" had 55 000 members
Baldur Von Schirach leader of HJ
Dec 1st 1936 a separate youth ministry formed
Officially voluntarybut many joined just to conform
Aim was to fill up all their timecamping, cooking etc so people joined to have
1936+ there was a massive drive to recruit, people were knocking on doors to ask if
they were members of the HJ, kids were expelled and socially isolated if they weren't a
1939HJ is compulsory, but 90% are already members
2. New Nazi schools
1n 1933 Minister Rust announced the formation of National Political Institutes for
Education (NAPOLAS) for boys aged 1018 to develop into future leaders.
Intended to create a Nazi elite
3. Nazification of traditional schools
Changes to timetable/curriculum
Historyused to be objective, source based history (in the style of Ranke). When the
Nazis took over, it became heroic tales of German glory, history of the Nazi party, betrayal of
the Treaty of Versailles etc.
PEWas much heavily emphasised. School reports were often from PE teachers only as this
was deemed the key subjectif you succeed at this, you succeed in school. Could take up to
2 hrs per day.

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ScienceFocused on biology, genetics and racial theory. Jews were portrayed as
subhuman, the Aryans the "master race". Lessons on how to be healthy. Darwin's theories
"survival of the fittest". Nazis thought they were speeding this up.…read more

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Conscription and labour service removed potential leaders, and, once the HJ became
compulsory, it lost its appeal to youngsters wanting to rebel against authority. Many found
the strict regimentation and the emphasis on military drill tiresome. When the historian
Detlev Peukert has called the HJ's "almost obsessive fixation on the repression of sexuality"
was possibly counter productive.
After the 1936 Nuremberg Rally attended by 10 000 boys and girls aged between
15 and 18, there were 900 pregnancies.…read more

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Nazi educational efforts as a whole turned out to be poorly thought out and lacking in
substance. At best, the Nazis put a thin ideological veneer on German education. It is not
surprising that twelve years were not enough to break down "two thousand years of European
and cultural heritage". However, Nazi indoctrination was able to miseducate and misuse a whole
generation of young people"
B. Sax, D.…read more


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