Civil Rights Timeline

timeline of civil rights

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Civil Rights Timeline
1787 | American Constitution drafted
1791 | Bill of Rights added to the Constitution
1861-65 | American Civil War
1862 | Emancipation Proclamation
1865 | 13th Amendment abolishes slavery
1868 | 14th Amendment guarantees citizenship for all races
1870 | 15th Amendment guarantees the vote for all races
1896 | Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court ruling allows racial segregation
1909 | NAACP founded
1914-18 | First World War
1929 | Wall Street Crash ­ start of the Great Depression
1930 | Nation of Islam founded
1939-45 | Second World War
1942 | Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) established
1945 | Harry Truman becomes President
1946 | The Supreme Court declared segregation on buses that crossed state borders was illegal
| President Truman established a Committee on Civil Rights
1947 | "To secure these rights" report published
1948 | Discrimination in the armed forces was banned
1952 | The first year since 1881 without a lynching
| Malcolm X released from prison and joins Nation of Islam
1954 | The Supreme Court declared segregation in schools to be unconstitutional (Brown Case)
| The last all-black units in the armed forces were disbanded
1955 | Montgomery Bus Boycott began after the arrest of Rosa Parks
1957 | Dr Martin Luther King became President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
| The Little Rock High School clash occurs and Eisenhower had to use Federal troops to enforce
the law
| Civil Rights Act passed
1960 | First student sit-ins against segregation at lunch counters occur at Greensboro
| SNCC formed ­ Student Non-violent Co-ordinating Committee
| Elijah Muhammad called for the creation of a separate state for blacks
1961 | Arrest of the Freedom Riders in the South
1962 | James Meredith's attempt to attend Mississippi University was only successful as a result of
Federal troops being used
1963 | Birmingham Protest
| 250,000 civil rights protesters marched in Washington
| Four black children were killed in the Birmingham church bombing ­ the arrested white man
was charged with unlawful possession of dynamite but not murder. Only some years later were the
guilty brought to trial for murder
1964 | Mississippi Freedom Summer
| Riots in Harlem (New York), Chicago, Rochester and Philadelphia
| Civil Rights Act was passed by Congress
| Dr. Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
| Malcolm X leaves Nation of Islam and forms OOAU
1965 | Malcolm X was assassinated
| Civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery was lead by Dr. Martin Luther King
| Voting Rights Act was passed which in theory made it illegal for anyone to restrict the right of
anybody to vote
| Watts Riots, Los Angeles, left 34 dead

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The idea of Black Power was introduced by Stokely Carmichael
| Chicago Freedom Movement led by Martin Luther King
| Meredith March
| Black Panther Party founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
1967 | State laws forbidding inter-racial marriage were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme
| Thurgood Marshall became the first Black American to be appointed to the Supreme Court by
Texan president Lyndon Johnson
1968 | Poor People's Campaign
|Martin Luther King was assassinated
| At the Mexico Olympics, a Black Power…read more



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