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Year Actions of key groups De Jure changes Peaceful protest Black Power Developments for other Other events and
and individuals (highlight in a separate minority groups eg developments (including
colour the de facto Hispanics and Native social and cultural)
results) American Indians
WWII Benjamin O Davis was 1940 ­ Roosevelt…

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1954 White Citizen's Council Brown v. Board of "Separate but equal" was
formed. Education of Topeka brought to an end. Because of
the Brown case.
1955 Emmett Till, 14, lynched Brown v. Board of Montgomery Bus
Education II Boycott. ­ Grass-roots.
Very little de facto
change in education.
1956 NAACP…

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1964 Civil Rights Act passed. Mississippi Freedom Malcolm X's "The Ballot
Summer ­ voter Or The Bullet" speech.
registration campaign
1965 Feb-Malcolm X Voting Rights Act passed. Selma Campaign. SNCC establishes the Beginning of "La Huelga" Moynihan report published.
assassinated. "Freedom city" in ­ Delano grape strike. Watts riots in…


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