American Civil Rights Timeline

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Civil Rights Timeline
1941 Phillip Randol organises 100,000 man march against exclusion of AA working in
1941 Executive order 8802 was passed ­stopped discrimination in government and
industrial jobs
1941 Fair Employment Practises Committee set up
1942 Congress of racial equality begin sit ins
1945 End of second world war
1945 Truman become president (till 1953)
1947 `To secure these right's report was published
1953 Eisenhower became president (till 1961)
1954 Brown V the board of education of Topeka case
1955 The Montgomery bus boycott ( till 1956)
1956 Border v Gayle case (bus)
1957 Southern Christian Leadership formed
1957 Little Rock
1958 Cooper V Aaron
1960 The Greensboro sitins
1960 Civil rights act
1961 Kennedy becomes president (till 1963)
1961 The freedom rides
1963 The SCLC campaign in Birmingham, Alabama
1963 `letter from Birmingham jail'
1963 The civil rights march
1964 Johnson becomes president (till 1968)
1964 The Mississippi freedom summer

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Civil rights act passed
1965 The Moynihan report
1965 Events in Selma, Alabama
1965 The Watts riots
1965 the voting rights act passed
1966 The Meredith march
1966 Black Power movement formed
1966 Black Power Party founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale
1967 King criticises the Vietnam war as `uncivilised and wicked'
1967 Black rioting in Newark, New Jersey and Detroit.…read more


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