American Civil Rights Timeline

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1948: Segregation in the armed forces was banned.

1954: Brown vs. Board - Supreme court rules segregation in education as unconstitutional.

1955: Rosa Parks is arrested which sparks the Montgomery Bus Boycott - organised by the NAACP. (Emergence of Martin Luther King)

1957: Martin Luther King creates Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

Little Rock - Faubus uses the national guard to stop 9 newly enroled black students from entering Little Rock High School, Arkansas. Eisenhower had to get involved - was the only thing he really did for the movement.

1960: Greensboro sit-ins - organised by the Student Non-violent Coordinating Comittee (SNCC). These spread across the country.

1961: Freedom Rides - Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). Attempted to challenge  laws against inter-state travel segregation. Birmingham, Alabama's Bull Connor pretended to know nothing about it and let the Freedom Riders be attacked by mobs. Got a lot of media attention.

1963: March on


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