Circuit Training Plan

Hope this helps! Its includes 8 stations with warm up and cool down :)

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Warm Up:
A warm up should be aimed to reduce muscle stiffness. Warming up should consist of:
5 to 10 minutes jogging - to increase body temperature.
10 to 15 minutes dynamic stretching exercises - reduce muscle stiffness.
10 to 15 minutes general and event specific drills - preparation for the session or competition.
e.g. for a runner.
After Warm up:
1. Get everyone sitting down.
2. Check starting pulse rate either at the side of the neck or at the wrist.
3. Demonstrate and explain the different circuit training activities.
4. Get everyone to move from one station to another until they have completed each one for 1
Star Jumps ­ Arms and Legs
Regular Star Jumps: Move your arms and legs outwards before returning to a straight standing position.
To Improve/Harder Star Jumps: A star burst which is done in one quick movement.
Main Muscles Working:
Gluteus (bottom)
Safety Rules:
Make sure you're in a space ­ so you don't injury anyone or yourself
Don't be near any equipment
Wear trainers or sensible shoes so you don't slip
Equipment: None
Number of people required max: One person
Step ups - Legs

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In one quick succession bring one foot onto the bench, before joining the other foot up. Then step down
onto the floor, one foot after the other.
Main Muscles Working:
Gluteus (bottom)
Safety Rules:
Hands flat on the wall ­ stop head hitting the wall
Put whole foot on the bench to stop slipping
Wear sensible shoes to stop from slipping.…read more

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Lunges - Legs
Stand with feet together and move one leg in front of you. Slowly lower your knee towards the ground
so your body is in a lunge position. Make sure your knee is above your ankle, keeping it at a 90 degree
angle. Pushing from the heel slowly drive back up to the starting position.…read more

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Make sure your feet are hip width apart. Bend at your elbows and lower your upper body down towards
the floor until your arms are at about a 90 degree angle. Make sure you keep your back close to the
bench. Once you reach the bottom of the movement, slowly press off with your hands, and push yourself
straight back up to the starting position.
To Improve: Straighten your legs. This makes the exercise harder.…read more

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Be in a large space- don't be near any walls where you could bang your head, any equipment or
any people who you could injury.
Wear trainers or sensible shoes so you don't slip on the floor
Equipment: Mat
Number of people required max: One person
V sit ups ­ Abdominals (Torso)
V sit-ups target one side of the abdominals at a time. It controls your muscles during the movement to
get the best results from this core exercise.…read more

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Use dumbbells that weigh less than 1 lb. This will put less strain on the arm joints and muscles. Both
dumbbells should be the same weight to keep the resistance balanced. Hold the weights in your hands
positioned slightly in front of your body. The palms, and the weights, should be facing each other. Avoid
over gripping the dumbbells and keep your fingers slightly loose. You should jog normally, but change
the arm movement slightly.…read more

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Cool Down - make sure everyone has:
1. Recorded pulse rate.
A cool down should be aimed to help muscles relax. Cooling down should consist of:
5 to 10 minutes jogging/walking - decrease body temperature and remove waste products
from the working muscles i.e. lactic acid.
5 to 10 minutes static stretching exercises.…read more


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