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What are proteins?

They are made up of the elements

Makes new cells (growth)
Repairs old cells
Supplies energy
Manufactures important body chemicals such as enzymes and hormones.

What are amino acids?

They are simple units which make up protein

There are 20 which…

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1g protein= 4 kcal

Needs change for the amount of protein we need. The following have increased
needs in protein.

Babies and Children- require a lot of protein as they are growing rapidly
Adolescents- require more protein for their rapid spurt of growth
Pregnant women- Require more protein to…

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long term effect on a child's physical and mental development
May lead to death

Treatment- Add food high in energy and protein to the diet.

When heated a protein structure unravels and begins to take on a new
structure (Denaturation)
Useful in cooking
This is why when heat is…

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