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What are Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are made up of the elements:
Hydrogen and

There are three main groups of carbohydrates:
Non-Starch polysaccharides

What are the functions of Carbohydrates?
The main function is to provide energy. During digestion carbohydrates are
changed into glucose which is used for…

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Sugar is the main cause of tooth decay
One third of all the people over sixteen in Britain do not have their own
It is not the quantity of sugar but how often sugary foods are eaten, which
causes the most damage.

How to reduce tooth decay:
Go to…

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cereals and
whole meal

NSP Non-Starch-Polysaccharides

Dietary fibre is know as NSP Non-Starch-Polysaccharides

Sources of NSP
Whole grain cereals
Fruit and Vegetables (with skin on if possible)
Pulse vegetables e.g. beans, peas and lentils
Root vegetables such as carrots, turnip
Wholemeal bread, flour and pasta
Brown rice.


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Is needed for the digestive system to function properly.
May prevent various bowel disorders such as constipation, diverticular
disease, bowel cancer, appendicitis and hemorrhoids (piles)

Revision questions
Q1) Fill in the missing words:
Carbohydrates are mainly used to provide e__________. During digestion
carbohydrates are changed into g________ which is used…


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