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Revision Quiz on Nutrients

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Home Economics GCSE Revision
Revision Quiz
Which of the following is the nutrient needed for growth, repair and maintenance
A ­ Protein
B ­ Carbohydrate
C ­ Fat
Which of the following nutrients provides the most energy per gram
A ­ Protein
B ­ Carbohydrate
C ­ Fat
Which of the following groups of people have the greatest energy requirement?
A ­ babies
B ­ teenager
C ­ elderly
Malnutrition is:
A ­ when you eat too much food
B ­ when you don't eat enough food
C ­ when you don't eat the right kinds of foods to meet the individual dietary requirements
Males need more energy foods than females because:
A ­ males are more active than females
B ­ males have a higher metabolic rate than females
C males have more body fat than females
Amino acids are found in:
A ­ Fats
B ­ vitamins
C ­ proteins
Which of the following foods contain dietary fibre?
A ­ chicken
B ­ Potatoes
C ­ Cheese
Calcium is used by the body to:
A ­ prevent infection
B ­ make red blood cells
C ­ build strong bones and teeth


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