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Case Study Balckpool (Coastal Resort) Location: North West Coast of England
Use of the
Case Study Reasons for growth. Startegies to increase tourism.
Effectiveness of the strategies.
Key facts
and 25% occupancy rate, £10 million spent on illuminations,
figures: Three Blue Flag beached
Reason for -Started in Victorian times. Workers from the industrial Northern the Case Study
initial cities went to Blackpool for holidays. (Picture,
growth: -Natural sandy beaches Phrase, poem,
-Tourist infrastructure in place by 1900 including piers, hotels rap etc.)
and the tower
-People started to go abroad for holidays leading to a decline in
Decline Blackpool
and Decay: -In the 1990s the number of visitors decreased from 17 million
to 11 million. Hotel occupancy rate dropped to a low of 25%
-Bed and breakfast prices dropped, leaving no money for
-Beach and sea pollution
Strategies -New motorway link to Blackpool (M55)
for -Beaches cleaned up, three got beaches for the EU blue flag
improving -Environment has been improved by pulling down old buildings
the and car parks
problems: -Blackpool illuminations were improved with £10 million spent on
-Off season events were advertised such as conferences and
-New rides have been put in place at the `Pleasure Beach'
-More attractions opened up that are inside in case of bad
-A bid was placed for a `Super Casino'

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Successful? -Blackpool didn't get the bid for the super casino
-Occupancy rates remained low, therefore a shift towards day
trippers has taken place
-Increased activities now available
-Overall not that successful
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