Geography physicall paper 1 case studies and physical landscapes

its a number 1 pack for revsion, i have used most geographicalterminoglgy

and based all the work on aqa physicall paper 1 case studies and river forms

its a full description abouthow everyhting is formed and for the top marks please use it and let me know how you found it.

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Case Studies
·Tsunami 2004 (earthquakes)
·Mississippi (floods MEDC)
·Bangladesh (floods LEDC)
·Mt Pinatubo (volcanic)
·San Andres (conservative margin)
·Alps (fold mountains)
·Coniferous forests
·Tropical Rainforest (Amazon)
·Savannah Grasslands
·Rivers (waterfalls, meanders, oxbow
lakes, levees)…read more

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Tsunami 2004 (earthquake)
· It took place on a compressional boundary, with the Burma
(oceanic) and Indian Plate (continental). The heat and friction in the
subduction zone released the pressure into the earthquake.
· US$ 9 billion needed for aid alone
· Epicentre was in west coast of Sumatra
· More than 11 countries were involved in the Tsunami
· 20 000 people died (2nd deadliest quake)
· 600 000 people were homeless
· 100 000 people killed by fire
· 16 000 injuries
· Shanty type camps caused diseases e.g. contaminated water and
diarrhoea and more causes of death.…read more

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Mississippi (floods MEDC)
· It was caused due to snow melting and levees not high enough.
· 28 people died
· US$ 20 billion spent of repairs and damages
· 15,000 people evacuated
· 36 000 homeless
· Problems were that levees were not well developed
· Meanders and channels were straightened and this made it worse
· Arguments of people not having the right to settle in flood plains as it
causes surface run off rather than infiltration
· Later everything was developed in terms of levees
· There was not much electricity as it had collapsed
· Area affected was larger than the UK…read more

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Bangladesh (floods LEDC)
· Physical cause was due to snow melting in spring from Himalayas
into the River Ganges.
· A lot of rainfall is normal in Bangladesh of up to 2000mm during
· Human cause was deforestation as population grew more land
required for people to live on, this reduced infiltration and caused
surface run off.
· Another human cause was the Farakka dam built in 1971 caused
flooding rather than preventing
· Rice crops were destroyed, taking away lively hoods
· 760 people died
· A half of Bangladesh was flooded, however majority is a flood plain
and 1 metre above sea level…read more

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Bangladesh (floods LEDC)
· Roads and bridges destroyed
· Faced problems with communication
· Providing shelter and food and drink was hard
· Over 1 million children were malnutrition
· US$ 2-3 billion alone needed for re-building
· Emergency food and drink had to be supplied until next years
harvest.…read more

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Mount Pinatubo (volcanic)
· About 800 people died, 600 through diseases,100 through eruption
and 100 through suffocated lahars
· 200 000 homes, building destroyed
· Electricity caused fires across cities
· 58 000 people evacuated which of 15 000 were nearby the eruption
· Caused by Eurasian and Philippines plate on a compressional plate
· 70,000 homes damages
· 6,000 destroyed
· 100 000 people homeless
· Over 1 million animals died due to contaminated water and diseases…read more

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