GCSE Geography: A Wasteful World

Everything that you need to know for Edexcel GCSE Geography UNit 2: A Wasteful World. Made using the specification and "tomorrow's geography" textbook.

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A Wasteful World
5.1 Types of waste and its production
a) The differences between LICs' and HICs' waste production.
HICs produce more waste than LICs, due to:
o Consumer society
o Richer people, so more ability to buy more products and therefore generate
more waste.
20% of the world's people (who live in HICs) account for 86% of consumption of
the world's products
The poorest 20% consume only 1.3% of the world's products
Los Angeles, USA, produces about 1256kg of rubbish per person per year
Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast in Africa, generates only 200kg of rubbish per person
per year.
b) Greater wealth is a major contributor to increasing waste, especially in HICs.
Development of the consumer society in HICs due to the increase in wealth, which
leads to more packaging, and a `throw away' society.
c) Different types of domestic waste in HICs.
Garden Waste
Paper & Board
Kitchen Waste (Food Waste)
Rubber, Leather & Textiles
5.2 Recycling and disposal of waste
a) How waste is recycled at a local scale and how recycled material is used.
Paper goes to Aylesford Newsprint, Kent
o Hills Waste Solutions ltd.
o 23,000 tonnes of paper per year is recycled in Wiltshire
o Takes in 500,000 tonnes per year
o 75-80% ends up as recycled paper, the rest is burned for energy
Glass goes to Knottingley
o 10,200 tonnes (from Wiltshire)

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The energy saved from recycling a bottle can power a TV for 15 minutes
o Glass is not biodegradable
o Flint = clear glass
o Cullet = coloured glass
Cans & Foil go to the steel works in South Wales
o Cans are baled in Swindon
o 32,000 cans per bale
o Aluminium bales are melted to create new cans
o Foil is taken to Middlefield, Chippenham to be washed.…read more

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Recycling produces heavy recycled.
toxic gas emissions, which
damage the environment. Buying recyclable goods costs
the average family between
Germany has problems £100 and £200 per year,
recycling all of their products which has been added to by the
due to the lack of capacity at producer to pay for the
recycling facilities and the recycling.
large amounts of recycling.
Hey have had to export their
recyclables to other European
and Asian countries, which is
costly.…read more

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Non-renewable fuels
o Coal
Relatively cheap to mine.
Relatively easy to convert into energy by simply burning it.
Coal supplies should last for another 100 years.
When burnt, it gives off greenhouse gases, for example, carbon
o Oil
Relatively cheap to mine.
Relatively easy to convert it into energy by simply burning it.
Oil supplies should last for another 50 years
When burnt, it gives off greenhouse gases, for example, carbon
o Natural Gas
Relatively cheap to mine.…read more

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Prevents free access by boats
Alters habitat of wildlife
Spoils view.…read more

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How energy is being wasted
In 20 years, Britain's energy usage has increased by 20% because households
o TVs
o Computers
o Games Consoles
o White Goods (washing machines, fridges)
o Central Heating
o Cars
Britain wastes £740 million for energy per year:
o Stereo systems £290 million
o Games consoles £70 million
o TVs £88 million
o Computers £8.66 million
o Phone charging £47 million
Domestic energy accounts for 48% of Britain's greenhouse gas emissions.
Enough energy is wasted to power 66,000 homes.…read more

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Cost to install: £250 - £500
Tank insulation
Prevents heat loss by 75%
Saving: £30 per year
Cost: £12
High efficiency condensing boiler with full heating controls
Could save: £270 per year
External wall insulation
Save: £380 per year
Cost: £4500
Insulating hot water pipes
Saving: £10 per year
Cost: £10
Draught proofing
Saving: £25 per year
Cost: £90 - £200
Double Glazing
Can prevent heat loss by 50%
Saving: £110 per year
Cost: from £3,000
Wall insulation
Prevents heat loss by 30%
Saving: around…read more

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April 2008 ­ people were asked to switch off at least one light
bulb that wasn't needed.
If 1 in 22 million households in the UK switched off a 110 watt
light bulb on the same day, it would save 4500 megawatts of
electricity.…read more


Mr A Gibson

Comprehensive - all the information you need to deal with questions about waste including case studies. Causes, effects and ways to manage waste in HICs, LICs and so on - like I say - it is all here!

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