Unit 2: Climate Change & Unit 3: Battle for the Biosphere (Full marks revision materials!!)

Using this own-written revision material I got full marks on the exam. I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

Unit 2:

The mega fauna, greenhouse effect, Little Ice Age, Natural reasons for climate change, climate change case studies.

Unit 3:

Threats to biodiversity, Goods, services & threats of rainforest, conserving the biosphere global, local & national shemes, sustainable managment,

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Climate Change
Climate ­ The average weather conditions measured over 30years
Stratosphere ­ The layer of air 10-50km above the troposphere, the cloudly layer we live in.
Megafauna ­ `Big animals', 40kg+
Food chain ­ Chains of animals depending on each other for nutrients and energy.
Glacials ­ Cold…

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The Extinction of Mega Fauna

Climatic cause:
Rapid climate shifts at the end of the Ice Age altered the pattern of North American vegetation, shrinking the
habitats of the big mammals until they became extinct.

Human cause:
Stone Age immigrants from Asia appeared in North America and haunted large mammals…

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Case Studies on climate change

Developed Country: Impact of Climate Change on the U.K.

Benefits of warmer UK:
Heating costs fall in winter
Hotter summers mean more tourists
Fewer deaths of old people
New crops due to new climate

Costs of warmer UK:
Drought and water shortages more common in…

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Battle for the Biosphere
Biodiversity ­ The variety of different species

Keystone Specie ­ A specie which has a particularly large effect on other living organisms.
Islandisation ­ A land that is cut off from any other habitat, making it unique.

Biodiversity Threats:

Habitat destruction (Fynbos)
40% habitat destroyed due…

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Conserving the Biosphere
Global Schemes
CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

Signed by 166 countries, in 1973, CITES is a national agreement between governments to ensure that
international trade in species of wild animals & plants does not threaten their survival.…


Mr A Gibson


A good range of items and examples relating to climate change and sustainability - whatever exam board you are studying this is really worthwhile adding to your collection of notes.



thanks for making my life 100x easier :D

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