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Case study- Alaskan tundra

Contains world's 4th largest glaciated area, 40% of USA's surface water,
largest fisheries, wilderness areas and land designated for parks, reserves
and wildlife refuges.
Large oil/gas reserves
Significant indigenous population (Gwich'in and Impuit tribes) subsidence
agriculture- depend on environment for food and supplies.

Resource exploitation


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Pipeline built on sleepers
12 pumping stations control oil flow and close down sections if a spillage

Environmental impacts

TAP's disrupts migration of caribou
Oil spills (most recent Feb. 2006) have degraded habitats
Seismic exploration disturbs animals both on the tundra and Nearshore
water in Arctic Ocean.
Gravel extraction…

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Income from oil pays for 85% of public Offshore exploration may damage
service in Alaska whaling industry for Impuit tribe in
northern Alaska
People receive oil dividend (one off
payment from oil money)


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