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Case studies used in Year 12

Population Food supply issues
1. Newcastle ­Scotswood inner city 1. From FACE online­ environmental stewardship
redevelopment, Castle Ward (rural/urban 2. Kukri Mukri & Appropriate Technology Asia
fringe) ­ appropriate technology -
2. UK population, plus
3. Zimbabwe Kenya from the website
4. Kerala…

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Bangladesh (LEDC)
What it shows

1. Example of drainage basin influences and managing flood hazards.
2. Impact of river management on river processes.
3. Impact of rising sea levels on human use of the coastline.
4. How deltas are created.

Causes of flooding in Bangladesh:

1. Tectonic uplift of the…

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York and the River Ouse
MEDC river process management, flooding, hydrographs, river regimes, drainage basin influences.

Location ­ Located in the north of England, this drainage basin covers most of the Yorkshire Dales and the Vale of York, the river
eventually enters the north sea via the Humber estuary.


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Flood control schemes ­ From North to South along the River Ouse

Clifton Ings ­ a flood washlands scheme, the land here is surrounded by embankments and is allowed to flood to save the city of
York, it can hold 2.3million cubic meters of water.

Leeman road ­ Embankments have…

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Alaska and ANWAR - (Old Crow flats & 1002 lands in ANWAR) ­ periglacial development
The tundra is one of our most Northerly ecosystems and covers a huge tract of land running
between latitudes of 50°N (where there is no modifying sea influence) to 80°N. Winters are
long and cold,…

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The Southern Oceans and Antarctica ­ development of a fragile environment

Antarctica is a large continent bigger than continental Europe that is approximately centred on the South Pole. The area is composed
of huge ice sheets, continental ice masses, Nunataks (mountain peaks with no ice on them) and ice shelves…

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The Antarctic is protected in many ways, but people are concerned that tourism and its increasing numbers could become

The IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) is an organisation which rules the companies and tries to be
environmentally friendly. They regulate the boat companies and try to ensure…

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Newcastle ­ Scotswood (inner city redevelopment), Castle Ward (rural/urban
Settlement and population characteristics case studies and the IMPLICATIONS
for social welfare
These case studies are all about how the social welfare (well being of the people) of populations is influenced by where they live
within a settlement. The characteristics…

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UK population

The UK has a declining birth rate within its indigenous population BUT has a birth rate above replacement rate within its migrant
population, particularly mothers who were born in India, Pakistan and Poland. Therefore, on balance the UK has a slow growth
birth rate. Life expectancy is…

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Various campaigns have been run to improve public health including anti-smoking campaigns. In 1948, 65 per cent of Britain's male
population smoked. By 2008 that number had dropped to just 25 per cent. Taxation on smoking is also huge, in an attempt to cut
consumption, and there are age restrictions…


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