advantages and disadvantages of exploiting oil in ANWR

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Case study: advantages and disadvantages of exploiting area 1002 in ANWR,
advantages Disadvantages
Oil reserves could produce 10.1billion Important habitat for caribou, musk ox
barrels and polar bear
In other Arctic oil producing areas, Exploitation of oil would destroy arctic
wildlife are existing and caribou habitats
numbers are increasing in some areas
Create between 235,000 and 753,000 Use of oil will produce CO2 which will
jobs contribute to global warming
75% of Alaskan people favour Prevent public use of a rare
development of oil fields environment for activities such as
fishing, canoeing and walking
Prudhoe barrels nearby are declining If there is a greater supply of oil this
and running out of oil- ANWR reserves will reduce the urgency to find
will replace these alternative sources of potentially
sustainable energy
Nearby existing oil pipeline Risk of pollution incidents as a result
of exploitation
Only 8% of the reserve would be Peak production from these reserves
effected would be 78,000 barrels a day, the
current US consumption is 20million
barrels a day
Oil should be extracted from this area of ANWR due to the fact that only 8%
will be affected and there is evidence from other oil producing areas that oil
production doesn't damage the environment. It will also create jobs and provide
much needed oil supplies. Also, 8% could be added to ANWR to counteract the 8%


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