AQA AS Level Geography - Notes for June Exam.

Follows the AQA Specification 

Four Topics - Rivers, Glaciers, Population, Health

Most notes from the AQA AS Textbook - But in a more bullet pointed form and its only the stuff you need to know that's included

Hope This Helps - Good Luck For Your Exams


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Geography Revision…read more

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Rivers, Floods &
Management…read more

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The Drainage Basin
· The drainage basin is the catchment area from which a river system
obtains it water.
· An imaginary line called the watershed delimits one drainage basin
from another ­ the watershed generally follows a ridge of high land;
any rain falling on the other side of the ridge will eventually flow into
another river in the adjacent drainage basin.
· The drainage basin hydrological cycle is an open system with inputs
and outputs.
The drainage basin hydrological cycle can be studied using a systems
Inputs into the drainage basin include;
· Energy from the sun for evaporation
· Precipitation…read more

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Outputs move moisture out of the drainage basin and include;
- Evaporation and transpiration from plants ­ collectively called
- Runoff into the sea.
- Water percolating deep into underground stores where it can be
effectively lost from the system.…read more

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Evapotranspiration Precipitation
Interception Storage Unimpeded
Surface Storage
Soil Storage
Groundwater Storage
River Channel
Flow Diagram of Drainage Basin Hydrology…read more

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Within the drainage basin, the balance between inputs and outputs is
known as the water balance or budget.
· Rivers are present on the surface only if the stores are capable of
releasing water and if there is direct surface runoff.
· This is a dynamic relationship; river levels rise and fall over the short
term following heaving rainfall and often show an annual pattern
(called the river's regime) in terms of their discharge.…read more

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One of the best Geography Powerpoints I have ever read !!!!!!

Simon Wartnaby

perfect thank you!


This is perfect

Helped a lot with my exam yesterday!!!!

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