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AS Geography
Case Studies…read more

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AS Geography: Human
Population…read more

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Fertility rate =
Pop = 8.1million
Rapid Impacts of Poorest country in 5.2 children per
growth for overpopulation western 80% live in Doubled in less woman Pop density =
LEDCs hemisphere absolute poverty than 50 years 295 people per
Core Themes Population
GDP = pressure
Malthus ­ Background $1,500 Population
optimistic Stage 2
theory country Hurricanes, flooding
and earthquakes
Sun Oven ­ reduced
deforestation and its Case Study:
cheap to make Over population:
Afforestation Haiti
­ help soil Solutions Sharp drop ­
High birth rate
fertility AIDs (6% of
Low life + Youthful
­ reduce adults)
expectancy (53) population
over land
flow source Population pressure on
of food Human environment
Other ideas; Poor health care disease - TB
Plant nitrogen HIV/AIDs ­ 300,000 cases -
fixers for soil highest in Latin America and
fertility the Caribbean…read more

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Gov ­ 1960s gov sponsored
Gov ­ control Legalise abortions
control pop GNP = $30,550 family planning `Stop at 2' media
pop numbers and sterilisations
movement Population Fertility rate = scheme to stem campaigns
4million 1.4 children per growth
Core Themes woman Social and economic incentives-
paid maternity leave, cheaper
Population SDS ­ Background healthcare, free education, tax
decline Stage 5 graduate Initial policy High life relief
MEDC country blind dates expectancy ­ Large number
1987 ­ "have 3" better quality middle aged ­ Drop in base
Ext. Maternity previous high birth reflects
slogan of life
leave rate success of
Targeted Reversing the Case Study: policy ­ Low
educated decline Under population: Females live BR + smaller
young Less Singapore longer than families
women Gov. Part educated -
fund Fertility rate Too successful men
Get £3750 housing
now 1.4 well ­ BR decline
for each of education
below the 2.1 for the last 20
their first Other factors for the
replacement years
3 children + fall in fertility rate
level Success?
no tax
Impacts ­
Tend to suffer 50% women Falling economic growth,
stress ­ work ­ Ageing pop. ­ health service +
reduced careers pensions,
desire for Children priority
Jobs unfilled ­ 40% workforce
children costly migrants…read more

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BR = 10.1 Population Age White
DR = 11.9 Ethnicity
Structure 45-64 65+ 98.8
Females 27.50 21.77
Chinese Black
Males Total 0.6 0.6
21,521 44,416
Population dynamics Qualifications
Level 4-5 Level 2 None
17.6 20.9 27.4
Grants for Private Case Study:
community No village
education Affects of migration and population Conflict between activity
bus locals and
change in Rural areas:
Transport Village Isle of Purbeck, Dorset Elderly and
Schools poor left
What is not there? Rural service decline What happened?
care GP Deprivation Dormitory
Post Food Library's closure village
offices shops Mobile
Locals cannot afford Second home commuters
Have to travel ones
local houses ­ services unused
Combined services - pollution…read more

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Site and service schemes ­ given land for Developments ­ Rehab ­ encouraged to work
them to work and have an address tower blocks (crime, as community to build
1870 -
poorly built) schools etc.
25,000 Population
people Industrial estates Transport
Charities ­ jobs and medical
1990 - Authorities
What they did ­ gap years
15 mil cleared slums
people Land ­ Lack of formal
Rapid for Population dynamics inappropriate ­ employment ­
LEDCs riverside shoe shining
Housing etc.
Move to cities for
work Case Study:
Affects of migration and population 40% live in shanty
Machines take change in Urban areas: towns
over farming jobs Sau Paulo, Brazil Shortage of
affordable housing
Medias positive
image Push and Pull factors Textiles etc.
-Why? Cheaper Affects of Urban
Services Crime - growth
City gangs
Decline in
attractions industries
Rapid Transport
In -migration Unemployment/
Jobs population Pollution;
Housing growth BR high noise, air, underemployment
DR falls visual…read more

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