Capabilities and Limitations of ICT

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4.1.5 Capabilities and Limitations of ICT
Advantages of ICT over manual methods of processing
Repetitive Processing
Speed of processing
Data Storage Capacity
Speed of Searching
Accuracy and Speed of data Communications
The Ability to Produce Different Output Formats
Repetitive processing ­ computers are good at repeating similar tasks with just small
changes e.g. producing utility or credit card bills. Some other simple examples are:
performing a mail merge sending the same email to a group of people in your address book.
Speed of processing ­ the faster the data is processed, the faster the results or output is
produced. In some businesses speed is crucial. For example utility bills are all sent out at
roughly the same time (e.g. end of the quarter), this means processing needs to take place
very quickly or bills will be late.
Data Storage Capacity ­ the cost of storing data is decreasing all the time ­ storage is
cheap. Consequently, most organisations are storing a lot more data than they used to. For
example some supermarkets have loyalty cards and use these to store huge amounts of
information about their customers. They can then target customers with relevant offers: for
example customers buying nappies can be targeted with offers on baby food and clothes.
Speed of Searching ­ computerbased searches are much faster than manual searches. It's
also easier to refine the search to obtain more specific information e.g. you can search for
information on marketing strategies for hotels in Wales rather than manually browse through
all UK marketing hotel information.
Accuracy ­ correctly programmed computers do not make mistakes, humans do.
Consequently, the accuracy of computerbased systems is much higher than that of manual
Speed of data communications The use of the internet and networks enable very fast
access to information, much faster than using manual methods. For example next day
delivery would be difficult without the use of networks / internet.
The Ability to Produce Different Output Formats computers are very good at
rearranging information for different purposes/audiences. For example numerical data can
be easily rearranged from a table to a graph in a spreadsheet. Text in a Word document
can be easily put into a table.


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