Advantages of ICT over Manual methods

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  • Capabilities and Limitations of ICT - Advantages of ICT over Manual Methods
    • Repetitive Processing - This is where a computer can repeat certain tasks very quickly whereas a person would take a lot longer
    • Speed of Processing - Computers have very fast processors so will be able to complete tasks much faster than a human could and this will therefore save time
    • Capacity - Computers have a large amount of hard disk space to save all of the data and information that is collected continuously and also paper will be saved as everything doesn't have to be printed or hand written to be stored
    • Accuracy - there are a lot of checks that a computer can do to ensure that there all data and information is correct and somje of these checks are spelling and grammar checks
    • Speed of Communication - Due to email and social networks and of course networks themselves in schools etc. you can send data and information almost immediately with the use of the internet
    • The ability to produce different output formats - a computer can produce data and information in different formats to enure that the format is appropriate - This can be thikngs like putting lots of results from an experiment in an excel spreadsheet rather than it just being typed into word
    • Improced security of data- data can now be backed up to the cloud or to hard disk opvernight meaning all data is more secure and also data and infromation can be stored in multiple places meaninjg there is always somewhere to recover work from
    • The ability to search for and combine differnet data and infromation - modern databases can be used to search for something in the database using complex search engine functions


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