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Byker Ward
· This ward is located in
Tyneside, Newcastle.
· It's an inner city area just to
the east of the centre of
· The total population of Byker
was 8,220 in 2001.
·They were built for the workers
from the port, shipbuilding and
City engineering industries that ran
along the riverside.…read more

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Type of Housing
· In the 1960s Byker ward primarily
consisted of rows of small terraced
houses dating from the late 18th century
to the early 19th century.
· Houses had poor amenities and were
in need of repair.
· The ward has 5,794 housing spaces of
which 8.7% are vacant this is much
higher than the city average of 5.3%.
· There was a development as the high-
rise Byker Wall was built this consisted
of 620 flats that is said to look like the
superstructure of the ships that used to
be built on the banks by the river…read more

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Household Composition
· One person household ­ 2,073
· One family household ­ 5,070
· Lone parent household ­ 1,423
· Cohabiting couple family household ­ 850
· Other households - 279…read more

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Byker Ward- Developments/Changes
· A new housing scheme was implemented to rehouse many people from this
area. Some others were moved out to new council estates on the edge of
the city.
· The most noticeable part of the redevelopment is the high-rise Byker Wall,
and this shelters many low-rise housing areas too.
· The scheme has always caused conflict and it's won many awards despite
this, but it has been the target of criticism. It has also continued to provide
secure housing for the underprivileged people for over 30 years.
· Many of the original inhabitants were wealthier so they could afford to buy
their own homes, therefore they moved out and were replaced by those in
need of social housing.
· In the last few years this has included second-generation migrants even
asylum seekers but the majority of the population is still made up of white
Newcastle people.…read more

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Byker Ward - Statistics from 2001
· Ethnic Mix % · Owned/Rented %
Ethnic group White - 95.43 Owner occupied; owns outright ­ 7.89
Ethnic group Mixed ­ 0.73 Owner occupied; owns with mortgage ­ 18.51
Ethnic group Asian ­ 2.62 Rented from council ­ 58.33
Ethnic group Black ­ 0.39 Rented from private landlord ­ 6.88
· Social Class %
Aged 17-64; economically active; employment; full time ­ 30.11
Aged 17-64; economically active; unemployed ­ 7.27
Aged 17-64; mo qualifications ­ 47.59
Aged 17-64; economically inactive; retired ­ 14.13…read more

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Statistics from 2001 continued..
· Age
· Health %
10 years and under ­ 1018
General health good ­ 55.71
11 to 50 years old ­ 4389
General health fair ­ 26.44
51 to 99 years old - 2792
General health poor ­ 17.85
· Distance travelled to work
Works mainly at home ­ 145
Less than 2km ­ 676
2km to 5km ­ 997
5km to 10km ­ 469
20km to 30km - 34…read more


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