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  • Social Welfare - Newcastle
    • BYKER- inner city
      • terraced houses from late 19th and early 20th century
      • houses  were built for workers (port/ship building)
      • not a lot of open space
      • 58% are rented from the council
      • 30% of economically active people with a full-time job (age category : 17-64)
      • New housing scheme
        • re-locate those in the inner-city to new council estates on the edge of the city
        • high rise Byker-wall to shelter many low-rise housing areas
          • won awards
          • provides housing for the poor
          • people who were able to afford their own houses moved out and were replaced by those in need
      • vandalism
      • poor living conditions
      • air pollution
        • health problems
      • over 20% of unemployment - 2011
    • CASTLE- rural/urban
      • wealthy , middle-class commuter settlers
      • by 2000 housing has spread right up yo the green belt
      • under 10%of unemployment -2011
      • gov. allowed for building on green belt


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