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Impacts on migration on natural population change on a rural areas (Isle of Purbeck)

The Isle of Purbeck is located in the south of England in Dorset. In the past 4 0
years, the population has grown and, in 2001, the population was 44,400.
The isle of Purbeck generally has…

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Population changes

High birth rates as migrants have children
A lot of middle ages people to due migration into Slough

Employments in healthcare services

There is a strain on the healthcare system meaning an
increase in the staff needed to work, these staff will also
need to be trained

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Over the last 40 years the fertility rate in Britain has fallen, however the birth rate has now
risen over the last decade. It is currently 1.9 children per woman, the highest since 1973, but
nothing compared to 2.93 in 1964.
The children from the baby boom in 1946 ­…

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Health of mothers and children is adversely affected by high fertility
Early child bearing has a number of socio-economic and health consequences
Teenage pregnancies increases the number of young mothers who lack material
resources or experience to support their children
Encourages school drop outs which then acts as a barrier…

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the child. Couples that have more than one child don't get any benefits and are also fined
part of their income

Over the years the policy has changed so there are more exceptions

In some rural areas couples are allowed to have a second child if the first is a…

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Millions of people have been moved from the densely populated islands like Java, to the less
densely populated islands like Sumatra

Did it work?

Millions of people have been moved, but the population still isn't much more evenly
Not all the people who were moved escaped poverty, either they…

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and move out, to be replaced by other people in need for social housing.

Housing type

The general housing is quite moderate with the average at £194,000. This is because the homes are
quite old however has been redeveloped. The house prices may be lower as an effort to try…

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therefore more people could get to work. Also there was a Raby Walk created that allowed people
to easily get around.

How did it meet the needs of the local population?

It met the needs as it provided easy transport for people, many people were elderly therefore
paths and easy…

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Between 1770 and 1870, infant mortality fell, mainly was a result of improved nutrition
1780 onwards, improvements in agriculture helped to provide a reliable food supply for the
From 1800, Industrial revolution led to the move into the towns, factory owners had to
ensure an efficient food…


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