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Stewart Sullivan

Year 11 BCT Theory Revision
Key Area Notes
Aims and objectives of business Aim-is a target or a goal that a business
wants to achieve in the long term (usually 5+
years). E.g. an aim may be to achieve a profit
of 1 million in 5 year's time.…

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Stewart Sullivan

Tasks are often carried out by teams of
operatives with managers taking overall
responsibility for the success/failure of the task.
Tasks that employees don't usually do.
Cellular & Open plan offices A cellular office tends to be used by just one
person. This person will probably be quite…

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Stewart Sullivan

Data output devices. -An output device is any hardware that I used
to communicate results of processing data
E.g. printers, monitors LCD projectors
Methods of protecting data -Usernames & passwords (change passwords often)
-Encryption software
Data protection legislation and principles of -This act came into…

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Stewart Sullivan

-Health and safety training
Forms of off the job training include:
-Shadowing or following around an
experienced employee to learn from
Methods of remuneration (Salary, Time Rates, -FRINGE BENEFITS: These are sometimes
commission, bonuses, fringe benefits, PRP) given to staff in addition to their pay e.g.
laptops, mobile…




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