Business administration and job roles:

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HUMAN RESOURCES: It is the department concerned with the management of people. It will be concerned with hiring and firing people.

FINANCE DEPARTMENT: It is concerned with keeping an accurate record of the movement of money within the business.

SALES AND MARKETING: They are concerned with achieving the target for sales of the products.

CUSTOMER SERVICES: They are concerned with keeping customers happy

PRODUCTION: Responsible for the product being made to a standard quality in a safe and efficient manner.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: For a business to survive and without improvement to the products and services, competitors will eventually produce better products.

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Structure of the business

As the layers go down, the number of staff increases.

'Hierarchical' - If there are many layers in the pyramid

'Flat' - If there are only a few layers

A flat structure is good in communication between the top and the bottom layers because they have to pass through fewer layers - leads to high motivation

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Importance of Administration

Administration: It involves: storingprocessingretrieving and spreading of information.

The purpose of this information is to support business functions.

Large business: A functional manager will have administration support to allow him or her to concentrate on management and decision making.

Without administration, managers wouldn't have time to do decision making - can affect success of the business - like market share or profits. 

Tasks by administrative staff:

  • preparing sales figures for a meeting so decisions can be taken.
  • they will be responsible for storing information and keeping a backup in case electronic systems are damaged. 
  • they will be expected to use database to retrieve information or to search for customers.
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Job Roles

There are many job roles in a large organisation like:

  • managers
  • supervises
  • operatives


  • Responsible for decision making
  • Pass information to supervisors


  • To ensure operatives follow their instructions
  • To perform tasks diligently 
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