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Business & Communication
·Why start a new business?
·How to be an entrepreneur?
·Main types of business organisation ?
·Functional areas
·Hierarchical structure + Flat structure
·Business- Success or failure?
·Doing business in a certain world?
·Ensuring good relationships with customers(1,2,3)
·Legal frame work
·Ethical and social responsibility
·Computer-based system (1,2)
·Manual system (1,2)
·Input devices (1,2)
·Output devices (1,2)
·Storage devices (1)
·Backup systems
·Data security (1,2,3)…read more

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Why start a new business?…read more

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The desire to be your own boss
To be independent
Don't like working for an employee ­
someone telling you what to do
People think it will help escape the daily
grind of working for someone else…read more

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Personal fulfilment
· A opportunity to develop
themselves by learning new
ideas and skills…read more

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To provide a product and
· They couldn't find a product or
service so they made it
themselves…read more

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Making Money
· Some people think by running
their own business you can make
a fortune…read more

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Amazing! Has everything needed for the A265 exam.

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