Bluewater (Out of Town Shopping Centre)

My out of town shopping centre case study.

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Much of the retail development in the UK has been in the form of out-of-town developments as lower
land-values, the availability of land for expansion, a nearby labour force and good access routes on the
rural-urban fringe of settlements has encouraged out-of-town centres to develop.
These out-of-town centres, contain large, well-known stores and often have attractions for all the family,
including leisure facilities and catering outlets.
Bluewater is an out of town shopping centre in Stone, Kent, England, outside
the M25 motorway, 28.6 km east south-east of London's centre . It opened on 16 March 1999 in a
former chalk quarry after three years of building, and it's the fourth-largest shopping centre in the UK. The floor
plan is a triangular shape with 330 stores, including 3 anchors, 40 cafés and restaurants, and a 13-screen cinema.
The centre employs 7,000 people and serves over 27 million visitors a year . £30million has been spent on
improvements to the public road network around blue water and local bus services and long distance coach
services enabling people to more easily visit. Footpaths and cycle paths also enable locals to visit safely.
What's there?
330 shops.
Parking for 13,000 cars.

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It is open until 9pm every day.
3 anchor stores ­ John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser.
Cafes and restaurants.
50 acres of lakes and parkland, playgrounds and cycle ways.
12 screen cinema.
Impact on Gravesend and Dartford where the CBD's have suffered from competition `dead heart'.
Increased congestion on the roads/accidents until late at night.
Light pollution.
Now acting as a growth pole, attracting hotels, business parks and other retail to an already busy
area.…read more


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