Factors that Influence Retail Change

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  • Factors Affecting Retail Change
    • Increased Mobility
      • Car parking in city centres is expensive and difficult, out-of-town retail areas have ample free parking.
      • Centres next to motorways are often quicker to access than driving to a CBD through congested city roads.
      • It is easier to make a small purchase (bread/ milk) by pulling into a pertol station forecourt than attempting to park outside a suburban shop.
        • Petrol stations have taken the place of corner shops.
    • The Changing Nature of Shopping Habits
      • People purchase items as part of a weekly or fortnightly shop, as freezers mean items bought regularly for freshness can now be purchased in bulk and stored.
      • In many families, all adults work so there is no time to shop daily, hence a weekly supermarket shop or an online grocery delivery.
      • Increased availablity of ready-meals to be stored in the freezer and microwaved.
    • Changing Expectations of Shopping Habits
      • Shopping increasingly seen as a family, social activity.
      • Many large shopping areas now combine with retailers with cinemas, restaraunts, and even creches.
      • The White Rose Centre, Leeds, has areas set aside for men who don't wish to shop with their partners.
      • At Bluewater, it is claimed you are never more the 100m away from a coffee bar!
    • The Changing Nature of Retailing
      • There are only a few supermarket companies that are becoming more and more competitive.
      • Supermarkets build on cheaper, out-of-town, locations, and increase their economies of scale.
      • Building on the outskirts allows supermarkets to reduce prices and provide free parking.


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